Slate Seal
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Stone floors over recent years have enjoyed a resurgence of popularity.

In this world of uniformity and plastic, the wonderful rugged earthy charm of stone commands the perfect backdrop to any décor whether it’s modern or traditional.

In order to maintain its natural beauty, stone needs to be protected from elements, both natural and chemical, from above and below the tile surface.

The range of treatments, waxes and sealers is as vast as the colors, textures and origins of stone, each designed to characterize the individual qualities of your chosen tile. “One treatment suits all” is no longer appropriate or practical.

Slate Seal has had over a two decades of experience sealing and rejuvenating natural and man made stone floors. This has enabled us to select the most suitable treatment system for your floor.

Specializing in the restoration and rejuvenation of old stone flooring has given us a valuable insight into how and why stone floors become damaged. Understanding why things happen as they do is crucial in restoring and preventing any visual nasties from reoccurring.